Is it ethical to be a “Vaccine Chaser?”

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Yesterday, a family member of mine received the first dose of the Moderna vaccine at a location in South Los Angeles. On January 18, 2021, Hilda Solis, the chairwoman of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, “directed county health officials to make COVID-19 vaccination appointments available to residents 65 and over.” After she made the announcement, those who were 65 and over scrambled to make an appointment for the vaccine. But appointments were scarce.

Luckily, my relative’s friend informed her of a place in South Los Angeles that was decimating the vaccine without an appointment. …

During the pandemic, I’ve almost been a victim of consumer fraud. The same thing doesn’t have to happen to you!

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As people and businesses continue to struggle financially, I’ve encountered several instances of false advertisement, fraud, or other unscrupulous behavior. Although most businesses probably conduct themselves professionally, others may knowingly or unknowingly attempt to defraud the consumer. Here are some of my experiences in the last few months where I was either a victim of a scam or witnessed one.

A cashier who doesn’t return the proper amount of change

Even before the pandemic, I rarely carried cash because most places these days accept credit cards. I rarely ventured to an ATM to get cash because I felt it was unnecessary. But a friend owed me money and she paid…

For the next time you need a quick and healthy bite

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When you are on the go, you may need a quick meal to satisfy your hunger. Yes, french fries, onion rings, and a side house salad are technically vegetarian. But which fast-food restaurants have the best meatless options? What are some of the most popular vegetarian fast-food meals? Are they really worth the hype?

Shake Shack Veggie Burger

One day I was walking down the street and stumbled upon a sign introducing Shake Shack’s brand new vegetarian burger so I had to try it. The patty is made with fresh greens and grains…

Should we return to the traditional model of education?

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As more students attend school virtually, educators and parents will hopefully rethink our education model and reevaluate the way we approach education. In certain circumstances, the traditional method of in-class instruction has not provided an optimal learning experience for many of our students. Furthermore, teachers are underpaid, have limited resources, and do not always receive the support they need to educate the masses.

So how can we restructure our education system so that our students achieve academic success? Should we return to the traditional model of teaching or should we permanently change our education model?

More virtual learning in the future

Many K-12 classes should indeed…

Why you should stop asking friends and family for rides

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“Can you pick me up from the airport?”

This is a question dreaded by many who live in a large city like Los Angeles. Before the pandemic, I heard it quite a bit. I would start to cringe once the person uttered the word “pick” because I knew what was coming next.

I’m sure your loved ones and friends are probably excited to see you. Your presence is probably uplifting. Yes, the side hug against the central console of the car may be cathartic for both individuals. …

Chicken or cauliflower wings? Fries or kale salad? I ordered from two local restaurants and was shocked by what I discovered

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Everyone has had THAT day. That day, where even though you are telecommuting, or having a lazy day, you don’t quite feel like cooking. You don’t have that much of an excuse, other than laziness. That was me the other day. I just didn’t want to cook.

So, I picked up a quick dinner for my friend Matthew and me. And since I am a vegetarian and he is not, I had to stop at two restaurants. And as I stop at Wingstop, waiting for his take-out order, I start to wonder: whose meal was healthier.

Many people seem to…

Being Vegetarian or Vegan doesn’t mean you are healthy

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When I stopped eating meat over three years ago, I was convinced that it would lead to a healthier lifestyle for me. I thought that I would lose weight, have more energy, and wouldn’t have to worry about health conditions such as high blood pressure, obesity, and high cholesterol.

Although I didn’t become a vegetarian strictly because of the perceived health benefits, I did believe it was a healthier lifestyle. But after three years, I’ve learned some valuable truths about being a vegetarian, nutrition, and healthy living in general.

At an upcoming physical, the nurse placed the blood pressure cuff…

Just don’t ask people if they have received a stimulus check

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Sunday morning check-in. A group of us usually meet up virtually to discuss the past week and establish goals for the next week. This week, the conversation started off fairly peacefully. We discussed politics, asked about each other’s families, and talked about a few places we would go once we were able to travel.

Even though we talk regularly, not all of us are super close. And there are a few of us who don’t always get along. It’s always been that way.

A friend, Kelly, stated that she needed to purchase a computer and was deciding which one to…

I thought this moderate hike would be a breeze. I was clearly wrong. But at least I learned some things in the process.

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Earlier this week, my friend invited me on an early morning hike. She described the hike as easy, maybe moderate. Since I’d been hiking my local trails for some time, I thought I was completely ready. It was time to branch out and see new things. On Saturday morning, I was excited. I thought I was prepared. Boy was I wrong.

After hiking about a mile, I realized quickly that this hike wasn’t like my local hikes. The terrain was rocky, the path was narrow and the trail was incredibly steep. Every time I was hoping for any sort of…

Picture by Lindsey Moore

For years now, I’ve been hiking. Now, I’m no expert and have no plans to hike Mount Everest any time soon. However, on weekends, I love to explore the local trails in my area. They have become places where I can clear my head and focus on reconnecting with nature. You can learn so much about life while hiking on these trails. And many of the lessons learned while hiking can be applied to life.

No matter your goal, help others on the way

While hiking in Los Angeles, I’ve seen it all. People who forget to bring enough water. People who get injured on the trail. Even someone…

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